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We've read comments on the Internet that there's nothing at Katakolon — well that's not exactly true. Katakolon has two beaches nearby a small beach to the left of the Port and a longer beach past the marina at the edge of town. Main street has many shops for souvenirs, jewelry, icons, sculpture and t-shirts. The pharmacy is 400 meters from the Port gate on the right. There's also a street by the water that has coffee shops and taverna's many have free Wi Fi. You might also enjoy visiting a Greek Orthodox church and the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology both are at the end of town.

Visitors to Katakolon usually arrive on a cruise ship the reason for stopping here is its proximity to Olympia where the Olympic Games started in 776 B.C.

If you want the best service, choice and price you'll want to book our Private Tour to Olympia. We specialize in Private and Group tours from Katakolon to Olympia, our service is recommended by 'Rick Steves' a famous American Travel Writer. Includes multilingual escorts to meet, greet and be with you throughout your tour so you always have someone nearby to help you with translation or local information when ever you need it.


A shared Group Tour in a coach with a/c from Katakolon to Olympia will cost 20 Euro for adults and 14 Euro for children 3-13 years, babies are free.
A Private Tour from Katakolon to Olympia and return will cost from 25 to 55 Euros pp depending on the duration and what options you choose to add.

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  • You decide if you want a Licensed Guide for Olympia
  • After your visit shopping and an authentic Greek lunch
  • Visit a beautiful local beach like Kourouta or Zacharo
  • Visit a famous Winery to taste the wine and buy some for dinner
  • Drive through the countryside to visit a Nunnery or the "Hot Springs" of Kaiafa
  • Visit the Temple of Epikourios Apollo or Chlemoutsi Castle (full day tour only)

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